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The Client is the Driving Force Behind Everything We Do

Landscape Dynamix assesses your concerns, goals, scope, and intent for your landscape design. From conceptual ideas to final drawings and construction details, our only concern is your happiness. All phases of construction are carefully executed and supervised for your complete satisfaction.


We Use Our Experience to Create Your Vision

we design and build some of the most interesting custom pools in the
business, from elaborate multi tier waterfall designs with swim in grottos, boulder out cropping and…

One thing we like to do at Landscape is keep your spa separate from your pool for the simple reason a spa should be warm and pool cool and once you connect a spa to a…

Koi Pond or fish ponds have become one of the fastest growing garden features. With the introduction of skimmers and bio filters they are easy to maintain. The power of water is something…


When we are designing a spa/hot tub to be used with a pool we encourage our clients to build it separate from the pool. This is for several reasons, first it’s easier to be able to keep open all year (I prefer using mine in winter). We can build them closer to the residence for easy winter access. When you attach a hot tub/ spa to the pool and run it into the pool it becomes the same temperature as pool (I like my spa hot and most of my clients do as well). Some of the best results we have had is when our clients purchase an out of the box type Jacuzzi and we build it into the landscape with stone and plants.