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The Beginning of a Beautiful Landscape is the Design

Landscape Design Services
Create a lush, relaxing yard, extending your living area

Every yard has its own unique characteristics, the key to a unique, natural, and beautiful landscape lies within each individual setting. Knowing what trees, shrubs, and flowering perennials look best in each surrounding is an art form and takes many years of experience.


Thoughtful Planning

When Landscape Dynamix designs a landscape or garden area, we consider how much light each planting will receive. It is critical to strategically group evergreens with deciduous flowering shrubs to provide year-round color and contrast. We go to great lengths to create symmetry in the planting beds, creating a theme of repeating color, texture, and distinction.

It is also vital to use properly prepare the soil with amendments as necessary. Our professionals check the quality of soil on each job and custom mix planting soils. We have years of expertise with the ever-growing problem of deer in the landscape. Our superior knowledge of trees and shrubs allows us to choose the best deer resistant plant material and flowers.

Every great finished landscape begins with great design.

Combining plants, trees, stone and water cancreate an amazing transformation

The Patio is the Hub and Nerve Center for all Activity

Custom Patio Design Solutions

If you are planning a patio, there are many things to consider such as size, shape, layout, lighting, and privacy.  We can help by showing you the many design options available.  Whether you choose stone, brick, or concrete, this important extension of your home can be designed to be the perfect gathering place for family and friends. Or we can create a cozy quiet place for one or two. 

A patio and the landscaping surrounding it facilitate a connection between people and nature.  It creates the perfect atmosphere for both fun and relaxation.  Careful planning will ensure that you end up with a space that’s right for your needs.

Business Patios Improve Productivity

Perfect for breaks, lunch hour, and after hour conversation, the patio creates a healthier and more wholesome break time for employees.

Studies have shown that employees are more cheerful and productive when they have spent some time outdoors during the workday.  Fresh air and sunlight have a positive effect on anyone’s health and outlook.

Providing a patio for employee lunch breaks sends a great message and has an impact on the workday environment.


Natural Stone Walls

Custom Stone Solutions

Stone Walls include retaining walls, decorative border walls, and seating walls.

A stone walkway that leads to, runs through, or alongside your garden is extremely attractive and inviting — and always functional.

Hardscaping such as walls and walkways can last indefinitely and always add value to your property. They’re always a plus when selling your home as possible buyers always remember the charming pathways on a property.

Landscape Construction

Specializing in complicated and unusual landscape construction projects.

From outdoor kitchens and bars to raised terraces and waterfalls, the craftsmen of we can build almost anything imaginable. We handle landscape construction projects of all sizes and have the equipment and people to get the job done right the first time no matter how technically challenging.